November 27, 2018 Katie White

Don’t Judge an Influencer by Their Handle

In this day and age it can be difficult to not focus completely on someone’s Instagram or social handle. When starting your social journey this is one of the first major choices you have to make: how will I be known? For many it can be a completely pressure-filled situation where there is really no good outcome. You may choose to use your own name like this, or have something more descriptive for your content like this. But the truth is, no matter what you select, brands and advertisers will ultimately judge you by your handle.

So what does this mean? Well, it can mean different things for influencers then it does for brands and advertisers.

The brand/advertiser perspective

Like books, influencers should not be judged by their covers. An influencer is so much more than the available handle they chose at the creation of their channel. Yes, @basicbloggerbitch may not seem like the ideal name for a brand, but that name draws attention and speaks to the brand the blogger is promoting. By looking at the name you may not know that Alex likes to post about food, her community and her friends. Every influencer has branding for one reason or another and if you are wanting to run an influencer campaign you should spend time researching the influencer.

The influencer perspective

Not every company is for you and just because you don’t fit a certain demographic doesn’t mean you should feel the need to change your brand. Your authenticity is your biggest money maker! The right brands are out there and are getting ready to find you.

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