December 4, 2018 Aaron Verdugo


Work with third-party online influencers to share and/or create custom content, while integrating brand messaging in order to connect and motivate potential customers.

New Season, New Fashion

Fashion shows are often portrayed as inviting only the elite and industry professionals. What if your brand could deliver a fashion show to mobile devices everywhere highlighting the latest pieces in your line? Fashionistas across the globe could participate in a Fashion Week-esque show directly onto their mobile device using Augmented Reality (AR).
Shoppers who engage will not only see your new line in a fashion show styled presentation but also can record the experience to share via their social media channels, creating a wave of brandcentric conversations with your brand at the center. There can also be an option to swipe to get additional details on each product or purchase direct.

Yes, It’s November and We’re Talking Resolutions

Cara Loren

Total Reach: 972K

When you look up adorable families in the dictionary, you’ll find Cara Loren and her tribe of 5! Family is everything to the Van Brocklins. When she isn’t hand drawing pictures for her sons to color in, she’s looking after baby Echo.

Alan Lawrence

Jorge Narvaez

Total Reach: 900.5K

On the Realitychangers channel, you will see music covers and family vlogs from the Narvaezs Family, a musically inclined family from San Diego. They invite their audience to join them in sharing their love of music, community and food with the world.

Influencer Marketing Podcast: Episode 1

Myka Stauffer

Total Reach: 625.5K

Myka has her hands full with her four kids! She prides herself on a clean home, while still having time to homeschool her children! Her channel cosists of cleaning tips, fun activities to do with the kids, and family planning tools!


Package Inclues

  • + AR/VR
  • + Celebrity Integration
  • + Paid Amplification
  • + FYI Studios


  • ¤ 20MM Impressions
  • ¤ 200K Engagements
  • ¤ Influencers/ Content Pieces
  • ¤ 3-4 Power Middle
  • ¤ 6-8 Content Pieces
  • ¤ 25+ Micro
  • ¤ 50+ Content Pieces

YouTuber Shopping Spree

Utilizing a YouTube Superstar to promote this exciting contest, your target demographic will have a chance to fly to NYC and be made over by their favorite YouTuber! To enter the contest the influencer will ask their viewers to post their favorite Summer fashion or beauty find and tag #YourBrandMakeOverNYC in their post.
Filming on location in NYC, the selected influencer will dress the lucky winner from head to toe with their favorite pieces from your brand’s latest line. Creating hype with a trip to NYC with the makeover isn’t all. You can offer the winner front row seats to your season’s next fashion show to be even further immersed in your brand! For the brand that launches this campaign, the buzz will drive more of your target demographic to engage directly with your brand.

Rhett & Link

Total Reach: 23.3M

Rhett & Link have been creating videos for over a decade together. Their content consists of funny music videos, sketches, as well as the daily comedy show, Good Mythical Morning. Both are dads and adored by a wide range of followers.


Shane Dawson

Total Reach: 38.4M

Shane has over 4 billion views on his YouTube channel and creates a range of content from conspiracy theories to food challenges. His charm and humor have grown his following to impressive heights.


Lilly Singh

Total Reach: 30.9M

Lilly is better known in the YouTube community as ||Superwoman|| and spreads a message of positivity and love. She creates content ranging from hilarious skits to vlogs and is an advocate for children’s rights and girl power.


Package Inclues

  • ¤ AR/VR
  • ¤ Social Super Star Integration
  • ¤ Paid Amplification
  • ¤ FYI Studios


  • ¤ 21MM Impressions
  • ¤ 205K Engagements
  • ¤ Influencers/ Content Pieces
  • ¤ 3 Power Middle
  • ¤ 6 Content Pieces
  • ¤ 25+ Micro
  • ¤ 50+ Content Pieces
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Closet Makeover

Through Augmented Reality, your brand can launch create a one-of-a-kind game where potential buyers have a virtual experience with your product(s). Select influencers will share how they are getting their closets ready for summer with their favorite must-have pieces from your brand.
Influencers will showcase how they plan to incorporate these new pieces with their current favorite clothes, giving their otherwise boring denim or maxi dress a punch of contemporary color. Influencers will lead their followers to your website as well as their local store where they too can purchase those must-have pieces for the summer. Additionally, users can also swipe to get additional details on each product or purchase direct.


Khoa Nguyen

Total Reach: 449.4K

Khoa is a father of three boys! He and his wife, Keren, are KKandBabyJ, a popular family vlogging channel. On his own socials, he shares about his business, his family, and gaming live on Twitch.

Kings Hawaiian

Tiffany Darlyn

Total Reach: 405.4K

Tiffany Davidson is a mother of 3 boys, with one more little one on the way! On her channels you will find all of her family fun, she loves to share about her life, challenges, and cooking!

Akilah Hughes

Total Reach: 334.5K

Akilah is a NYC-based comedian, writer, and YouTuber. She is guaranteed to make you laugh. Her channels are full of everything comedy, food and music.


Package Inclues

  • + AR/VR
  • + Paid Amplification
  • + FYI Studios


  • ¤ 15MM Impressions
  • ¤ 190K Engagements
  • ¤ 2-3 Power Middle Influencers
  • ¤ 4-6 Content Pieces
  • ¤ 20-25 Micro Influencers
  • ¤ 40-50 Content Pieces