About Prasad

Prasad Chavali has more than two decades experience in software design and development with a special place in his heart for start-up companies. Early in his career, he was recruited by Motorola and toured eight different countries installing and training teams in Quality Management software. He has also spent time working in Asset Management software before venturing out on his own to offer unique solutions for enterprise level software. Leveraging his extensive experience and training, Prasad has created a solid foundation for the build and delivery of complex platforms across several industries. He enjoys traveling for business and pleasure and has logged more than two million miles in the last ten years across 12 countries. When not flying, he enjoys golf, photography and writing. In addition to Find Your Influence, Prasad currently has ownership in six different start-ups and contributes technology to two non-profit organizations.  He is a proud graduate of Arizona State University where he earned his Masters degree in Information Systems.